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The Business Case for Training an Older Workforce

For three decades, thousands of employers have talked about phased retirement. During those years, our principals and countless companies have built flexible scheduling systems to strengthen employee retention and add value for those employers. But age bias, old habits, confusion and unfounded fears have stood in the way of respectful and flexible exits for older workers.

The time to change that has come. Respectful Exits is a campaign to replace premature termination and retirement with open-ended work and the option of phasing out of full-time employment.

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The FlexBulletin Archive

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Is Your Company Ready for an Aging Workforce? In this conversation with The Retirement Conversation, Joe Casey, Executive and Retirement Coach from Retirement Wisdom talks with Paul Rupert, CEO of Respectful Exits about trends in the workplace for seasoned workers. Paul offers his views on what smart companies can do to attract and retain talented older workers, shares his advice on how individuals can approach negotiating flexible work options and the story behind his new advocacy organization.

Employee Benefits Trends to Worry About? How Flexibility is Failing Us Lisa Oppenheimer from Bright Horizons interviews Paul Rupert, CEO of Rupert Organizational Design about why flexibility is failing us. The consultant and author of the FlexBulletin says modern-day flexibility only responds to challenges that fit neatly within life’s more predictable rhythms — a regularly scheduled work-at-home day here; a late arrival at the office there. But such limited elasticity – what he calls “neo-rigidity” – fails to address the growing numbers of people responsible for elderly relatives.

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