For several decades we have anticipated and consulted on the rapid evolution of the diverse and flexible workplace. Our semi-monthly FlexBulletin offers insight and guidance on the mutually beneficial and respectful  workplace and workforce of the future. Several of us contribute to the Respectful Exits blog which promotes extended work and phased retirement for today’s employees.  See current posts below and sign up to receive them regularly.


Since 2008 these widely respected, twice-monthly essays have offered unique and innovative guidance for champions of workplace change.

Current Bulletin

When the 6-trillion dollar man takes the long view, it’s time for us to do the same
“Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society. Companies must benefit all of their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and the communities in which they operate.”

–Larry Fink, CEO – $6 Trillion BlackRock investment manager
in his 2018 advisory letter

From the Archives

Flex Bulletin – Defeating Ebola: Band-aids or Behavior Change?
The “good thing” about life-threatening epidemics is they trigger public health campaigns

Here we go again. Putting a face to the enduring cliché of the Hollywood casting couch, along came legendary producer Harvey Weinstein. His ubiquitous, oddly shaven visage adorned the opening floodgates and a wave of Hollywood victims of sexual harassment poured out.

FlexBulletin #96
Phasing in Phased Retirement–or Not

For nearly a decade, the huge Baby Boomer cohort has been marching toward retirement – visibly, predictably and traditionally. Then a funny thing began to happen. At first longer, healthier lives challenged the standard retirement age. Then came the Great Recession.

FlexBulletin #122
Googling Bias Should Bring up Mutual Respect

It has been said that “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.” When the advocates of Diversity and Inclusion in major employers began their campaigns to remake company cultures open to and supportive of diverse populations, few knew how extraordinarily long and hard the road would be.

The FlexBulletin Archive

Since 2008 more than 100 Bulletins have chronicled the evolution of the flexible workplace and this archive is a rich guide.  Click here to access all Bulletins.

Respectful Exits

For three decades, thousands of employers have talked about phased retirement.

During those years, our principals and countless companies have built flexible scheduling systems to strengthen employee retention and add value for those employers.

But age bias, old habits, confusion and unfounded fears have stood in the way of respectful and flexible exits for older workers.

The time to change that has come. Respectful Exits is a campaign to replace premature termination and retirement with open-ended work and the option of phasing out of full-time employment.

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Launching Respectful Exits: Time to Retire “Retirement”

“Everyone talks about working longer, but few do anything about it…”

A serious challenge is upon us, and we are heading for a crisis.

The longstanding practice of treating older workers as disposable and a burden, the first to be downsized, neglected or slated for premature retirement has run into new and stark truths.  MORE


Age Bias Hurts Everyone – and Especially Women

Age bias damages people and affects all workers. Just as women face a variety of forms of discrimination at work, they face greater challenges as they age.

Gender bias intersects with age and other factors like race and ethnicity and adds a unique set of burdens. In general, women live longer, are poorer, have to and are interested in working longer.

Despite this, they have a harder time getting hired, and face increasing discrimination. The acronym for Sex + Age Discrimination is SAD. It is, sadly, accurate.  MORE

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