We pioneer 21st century flexible and respectful workplaces. They are magnets for recruitment and retention. Built on a foundation of mutual gain, mutual respect and inclusive standards and behaviors, they embed collaboration over command and control. Today broad abuses of power – sexual harassment, bias, bullying and age discrimination among them – challenge organizations. In 2019 we must move beyond modest programs such as bias awareness, anti-sexual harassment training and timid flexibility. It is time to transform our standards and behaviors to unleash the power of our diverse and talented workforces. We partner for lasting change.

How We Innovate

Respectful Workplaces

We normalize mutual respect
Partnering with clients we upend the roots of a wide range of disrespectful and dysfunctional behavior by building a positive framework of constructive standards and habits: Leading through Mutual Respect. Intensive training and ongoing accountability systems change “the way we do things around here.” Abuse of power is confronted with principled collaboration.

Flexible + Phased Retirement

We engage older workers
10,000 Boomers a day reach age 65. Many are retired too early, taking engagement, knowledge and know-how with them. 60% want to work longer and/or ease into retirement; only 5% of employers offer extended and phased exits. Our mutually respectful systems add value and challenge age discrimination, putting to rest employer, employee and manager implementation concerns.

Inclusive Flexibility

We transform potential
21st century flexibility respects employee needs and employer demands over the lifecycle. Our proven Classic toolkits offer guidance and monitoring that deepen quantity, quality and equity of flexible work. Our Inclusive respectful management systems guide staff and managers through challenging life events from child rearing and eldercare to the disruptions of cancer and chronic conditions.

According to the 2016 SHRM Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey:

Client Kudos

Your phased retirement expertise helped more than you might realize. Our enrollment is very high and we continue to get great feedback. Your support was critical.

Phased Retirement Initiative Abbvie

We continue to be pleased with the thoroughness and attention to detail you delivered on all of our “Freedom to Work” program design and materials. We haven’t run into any big issues we hadn’t anticipated.

Phased Retirement Retention Program Abbott

I have attended a lot of training here focusing on bias awareness, communication, etc. The Mutual Respect process goes far beyond those with a focus on confronting and overriding bad habits.

Strengthening Respectful Behavior International Monetary Fund

Rupert & Company has been co-creator and co-champion of our innovative Managing through Cancer initiative. Working with our diverse membership and user base, they consistently overcame challenges in ways that served everyone. We all won.

Managing through Chronic Conditions Cosmetic Executive Women/Cancer and Careers

Rupert’s web-based tools are a wonderful platform for making decisions and training users. Their business-based view of flexibility’s role in engaging talent and enhancing productivity enabled our senior leadership to buy in to our Flexibility Initiative.

Flexibility Initiative for Global Retention Amgen

Rupert & Company has worked with Sodexo for several years, helping us design and implement highly strategic and effective formal Flexible Work Arrangements as well as a consistent approach to informal flexibility.

Comprehensive Formal/Informal Flexibility Sodexo

The Mutual Respect process has opened up the dialogue between very diverse management & staff, greatly increasing our ability to work together across our many differences. Patient flow, staff satisfaction and patient and family feedback are greatly improved.

Hospital-wide Mutual Respect Initiative St. John’s Hospital Queens