The Payoffs

Traditional retirement and perpetual full-time employment have outlived their utility for millions. Reinvented and customized to the unique needs of employers and their workforces, phased retirement can deliver substantial value to its pioneers.

Employers can gain:

  • Retention of highly valued employees 55+
  • Capture of unique, hard-to-replace knowledge
  • Enhanced mentoring, development efforts
  • Focus of pre-departure or phasing employees on high value work
  • Reduced payroll costs
  • Enhanced collaboration skills

Aging Workers can realize:

  • Extended work life and income
  • Enhanced working life and pension contributions
  • Continued engagement, contribution, and satisfaction
  • Role in knowledge transfer, mentoring
  • Healthy means of easing into retirement or superior work-life balance

Societal benefits for phased retirees can include:

  • Continued contribution to the economy and inclusion in workforce growth
  • Enhanced physical and mental health of those spared sudden termination
  • The restoration of Recession-ravaged savings and reduced risk of poverty
  • Continued employee contributions to Social Security and Medicare taxes
  • A positive impact on pervasive age-based assumptions and discrimination
  • Support for this “care-giving cohort” to privately assist their spouses and elders