Classic Flexible Work Arrangements

Tools from the global leader

Our firm has refined the essential tools of workplace flexibility for more than two decades. Its proven online offerings of FlexWise Guidelines, implementation trainings and robust monitoring software set the standard for the traditional flexible options from part-time to remote work. From small accounting firms to global Fortune 100 companies, our systems deliver engagement, recruitment and retention.


FlexWise Guidelines

Mapping the full FWA menu

This central tool in all clients’ flexibility initiatives includes these customizable features:

  • Strong statements of senior leader support
  • Full menu of Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Principles of mutual respect and benefit
  • Self-assessment tools to identify user “fit”
  • Decision-making process and proposal form
  • Supports from Troubleshooting to FAQs

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Online Trainings

Detailed Guides to Implementation

Mutual Respect training offers the best foundation. But our best practice tutorials draw on decades of training managers and employees to “get it right” by:

  • Identifying gains for employer, employee
  • Charting key implementation steps
  • Defining manager protocols
  • Providing troubleshooting scenarios
  • Outlining an evaluation process

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Flexar Software

Fully automated processing and reporting tool

This proven, intuitive processor of new, modified and hybrid proposals yields actionable initiative insight by:

  • Building and regularly updating staff profiles
  • Moving users through clear, simple processes
  • Allowing tailored options, screens, agreements
  • Capturing and reporting extensive usage data
  • Supporting robust reviews and evaluations

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Amgen – Launching global “Flexability”
Aggressive initiative retained key talent in a challenging time

Client challenge

Facing major staff realignments across US and European operations, this leading biotechnology firm determined that enhancing staff control of their schedules would strengthen retention of key contributors.

Our Intervention

Our teams drove global design research, FWA tool customization and multi-level training to transform Amgen’s approach to scheduling. Our respective senior leaders guided and regularly reinvented the “FlexAbility” system to assure consistent adoption.

Organizational outcome

The flexible work rollout was well-received across both the US and European Amgen sites. The initiative led to substantial usage of FWAs in the company and helped engage employees in the wake of the firm’s first significant down-sizing.