Our Approach

Magnifying and channeling the organization’s voice

All of our innovative work begins by conducting key leader interviews and extensive design/focus groups to enable identification of challenges, potential levers of change and skill levels. We collaborate with clients to design effective transformational strategies that adapt our proven models to their requirements and constraints.

Flexibility Audits

We have provided customized flexibility systems to more than 100 clients and monitor the field relentlessly. We review your current approach by:

  • Conducting a thorough examination of your policy, procedure, training practices and tools
  • Reviewing usage data and consider conference call focus groups to test levels of support
  • Recommending a strategy for upgrading elements or the overall system

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Design/Focus Groups

Hundreds of leader interviews and thousands of focus groups have shown us the diagnostic and strategy-defining value of qualitative research. We offer:

  • The fielding of employee surveys and/or the review of existing quantitative data to inform initiatives
  • Comprehensive design/focus groups live or through more efficient and cost-effective conference calls
  • Development and delivery of research-driven strategy recommendations + implementation plan

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Skills Inventory

A central feature of the leadership and focus group process is the administration of tools to measure the prevalence and level of key skills. This allows:

  • The identification of actual skill levels and the appetite of managers and leaders for training
  • The targeting of a Mutual Respect Framework and training to the developmental priorities
  • A functional baseline against which to assess the progress of an initiative

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Retirement Forecasts

The value of a flexible and phased retirement program depends in part on issues of retention and potentially lost knowledge. Analyzing likely retirement trends and employee plans requires:

  • Cooperation on a review of existing employment data and development of supplemental information
  • Analysis of recent trends and projections of likely futures and their impact on the business
  • Implementation of a focus group and interview process to explore program designs that are mutually beneficial

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